Have you ever…

accidently dropped your lighter into your bong? i just did. yeah, i don’t really know how it happened, I guess I had my lighter in the same hand that i reached over to pick up my bong with, and it slipped from my hand into the bong.

 booooo for that. Luckily I have another lighter to use until this one dries out.


  1. bill says:

    Yeah I hate it when that happens. I also hate that the only show on TV is Entertainment Tonight. I really don’t care about Britney Spears going to McDonalds. You do too sometimes you jerk. Fuck, we really need to get cable.

  2. smoker says:

    lol, true, i think the media/paparazzi have played a role in Britney’s insanity.

    Also, i’d still fuck britney spears.

    tomorrow night on ET they will probably all be talking about Marie Osmond almost dying on Dancing With The Stars